One of the great things about conferences are the interactions outside of the academic programme.  Even though we're online this year, EuroSLA30 will be no exception! 

During the conference you will have the opportunity to contact your colleagues at any point just by easily searching their names on the attendees list, clicking on their picture/name, and sending a message.  You can also start a discussion 'table' where groups of people can have text or video chat together - instructions for this can be found on the 'Instructions for Attendees' page.

Each lunchtime and evening will have interactive social events for participants to take part in.

Wednesday 30 June: 

Evening: 7.30-9.00pm. Research Speed Dating

Low stakes.  No heartbreaks.

On Wednesday night we will have a session of Research Speed Dating.  What does that mean, you ask?  Well, each participant will be matched at random with another participant for 5 minutes.  Take that time to find out who your partner is and what they're working on.  We'll have ice-breaker questions for you if you get stuck.  Then, after 5 short minutes, all participants will be randomly matched with a new partner.  This will be a great way to meet other EuroSLA members and will set you up for the rest of the conference - you'll already have some friends!  If you're hesitant, think about it this way: Worst case scenario: 5 boring minutes.  Best case scenario: Co-authored paper.

Thursday 1 July: 

Lunchtime: 1.15-1.45pm: Defend yourself from attacks above the belt!  Get off your seat and on your feet!  It's time to learn some simple self-defence with former EuroSLA president Jean-Marc Dewaele!  

Lunchtime: 1.45-2.15pm: A double treat for your tongue!  UB's own Geòrgia Pujadas will teach us how to make the traditional dessert Crema Catalana, while giving a beginner Catalan language class.  A must-do for foodies or language-lovers!

Recipe and Glossary.pdf                        Post-viewing activity.pdf

Evening: 5.45-8pm. The EuroSLA 30th Anniversary Celebration

Discover History.

This is the 30th EuroSLA conference, so we're having a party to celebrate!  We'll have some videos about the history of the organisation and conference, and then some food and drink related activities (did someone say cocktails?!), then we'll gather in our town!  We're going to keep the formalities brief so there's plenty of time for chatting, reminiscing, and generally catching up with colleagues on a fun online platform (thanks to our colleagues from UIC for the cool idea!).  A great chance to mingle!  Don't miss out!

Gather Town is a virtual world made for people who need real-world interaction.

- To move around use the arrows on the keyboard.
- To interact with other users approach them.
- To find another user use the 'follow' option. To do that click on 'participants' (at the very bottom of the left menu, the icon of 2 people) and select the user you want to follow. Then press follow. To stop following them press unfollow. 
- Press X (on keyboard) near yellow trees when they 'shine' to see pictures of our gardens at UB. Press X again to close the emerging image. 
- Other objects can also 'shine' when near and may show a picture or message when pressing X. Arrows for example will indicate where you are headed. 
- To speak to the whole room step onto a speaker tile (orange or blue). 
- From the gardens you can access all other spaces: Staff lounge, Library, and Cafeteria. 
- Explore, mingle and enjoy!

Join us HERE: 

Get to know your association, join the EuroSLA 30 celebration!

Friday 2 July:

Executive Committee Mentorship: During Friday lunchtime, several members of the EuroSLA executive committee are making themselves available for PhD students and Early Career Researchers to provide one-to-one mentorship and advice, including about publishing in JESLA, the Journal of EuroSLA.  If you are an early career researcher and want to meet with one of these people, you can join the link during lunch time, and the committee member will let you into the zoom chat when they are ready.  You can see the links here:

Lunchtime: 1.00-1.30pm: Time for some serious bilingual salsa!  UB and GRAL research group member Cristina Aliaga will take us through some salsa dancing, with instructions in English and Spanish.  

Lunchtime: 1.30-2.00pm: More food and more fun!  Today our very own Geòrgia Pujadas will be joined by her brother, local musican Arnau Pujadas, to teach us more local cooking (salmorejo), this time combined with an intermediate Spanish language class.  Brush up your castellano, and ready your tastebuds!

Salmorejo - Recipe and Glossary.pdf

Evening: 7.30-9.30pm.  The EuroSLA 30 Pub Quiz

Congratulations to Viv's Groupies!  The winners by half a point!

We will meet in zoom, to be put into breakout rooms in teams of 5 or 6. The quiz itself will be broadcast onto YouTube, so you will be able to watch in your breakout room while chatting freely with your team, and no risk of other teams overhearing you!

You will probably want to be listening with headphones so that the sound from YouTube doesn't echo into your zoom room.

Who are EuroSLA's greatest know-it-alls?

In mix-and-matched teams, answer questions over 5 rounds to see which team will claim victory.  

Even if you're not an ultra-competitive person, this will be a laughter-filled evening where you can get to know your fellow attendees, and maybe even learn something!

You will need your computer and some headphones!

Often imitated, never beaten!

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